About River Wards Crime Watch

Empowering the residents of the Central River Wards

Welcome to the River Wards Crime Watch; a unique partnership of the civic organizations representing the residents of PSA3 of the 26th police district.  We’re a new civic organization committed through education, advocacy and action, to empower the residents of the Central River Wards towards creating a safer neighborhood.


26th District PSA3’s borders are Lehigh Avenue to the north and east, Poplar Avenue to the south, and Front Street to the west.

Our neighborhood has a long rich history of pride, partnership and unity. Over the years, a lot of work has been done to help clean out the criminal element. While the overall trend is in the right direction we’ve seen some recent spikes that are, to say the least, unsettling. We are aware of the limitations placed on law enforcement. Whether by policy, budget, or sheer area, we know that it is not possible for our dedicated officers to be everywhere at all times. It is up to us to step in and help fill that gap providing eyes and ears to limit the opportunity for crime. Our organization plans on targeting crime in our area on several levels, each one fully in support of our mission.

It starts with education. Showing residents and businesses through hands-on training how to prevent, identify, and report crime. Knowing the most effective and proper ways to report crime greatly improves our Police Officers’ and investigators’ ability to track down, arrest and prosecute offenders. Even before crime happens we can work to eliminate opportunities for crime. Making sure our homes are secure, that our cars show no temptation to criminals looking for opportunity to strike.

Working with the Town Watch Integrated services, we’re developing a model which breaks down the neighborhood into smaller pockets, empowering neighbors to regularly patrol the area surrounding their houses reducing the burden on regular patrols. Working with the dog parks to create dog walking groups to add to eyes on the street.

We will provide resources to help people who are interested in obtaining security cameras for their house or business. We will also assist with the registration of security systems with the city’s SafeCam program expanding the net of passive eyes; providing more evidence that the Police can use to track down criminals. We’ve been participating in informational meetings to follow along with a large scale camera installation project initiated by the Northern Liberties Business Owners Association. This will be a model by which we can undertake a similar project in the future.

The last element of our plan is the longstanding tradition of the Night Out. We choose a corner on a rotating basis and gather a large group of people in a peaceful demonstration of unity. The benefits of this are many. First and foremost, to demonstrate to the criminal element that there are a lot more of us than there are of them and we’re watching their every move. To show the residents that together, we can accomplish our goals; that no one feels isolated, or alone in their fight, and lastly to allow us to distribute safety materials to all who attend.