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Residential Burglary

24XX E. York St. (Inside)

DC# 15-26-066028


Incident Summary:  On Sunday, 12-13-15, 6:20PM, 24XX E. York St. the complainant returned home and went upstairs to his second floor kitchen and living room. He then began hearing thumping and rumbling noises coming from upstairs.  He looked out the window, and saw a white male walking out of his open rear yard into the back driveway.  The male turned right at the driveway and looked up at the complainant’s house briefly, and then continued walking away.  The complainant went upstairs to his third floor rear bedroom, and found the door locked from the inside; they found the room ransacked, the bed tossed and the sheets missing, and all the drawers to the dresser and headboard pulled open with a large amount of money missing.  The bedroom window had been closed, but it was found open with a sheet hanging out of it attached to the closet door. The offender had knotted three sheets together and rappelled out of the bedroom window.  The entry had apparently been gained through the front first floor window, which was found open, but had been closed and left unlocked.

Offender:  White male, 30yrs, 6’0, 170-190lbs, wearing a dark hoodie with the hood up.

Commercial Robbery – Gun

24XX N. 9th  St. (Inside)

DC# 15-26-066206

Incident SummaryOn 12/14/15, at approx. 6:25PM, the complainant states that while working as the cashier, the offender entered the store armed with a black handgun, approached the counter and said “give me the money”. The complainant gave him a large sum of money.

Offender:  Black male, early 20’s, 6’0”, thin build, dark skin, white hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans, white t-shirt covering lower half of his face, unknown tattoo on his right arm, armed w/a black handgun.



300 W Diamond St

DC#: 15-26-66258


On 12/15/15, at 1:15AM, the complainant was walking down the 300 block W Diamond St when he was approached from behind by a white male who pulled out a knife and demanded that the complainant give him what was in his pockets.  The white male then took the complainant’s cell phone and fled on foot eastbound on Diamond St.

Offender: White male, 5’10”, 190 lbs, 25 yr old, black jacket, red hoody, black pants, black boots.


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